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Belgium has everything! From a beautiful nature to a rich culture with historic cities. Antwerp is a vibrant city, with plenty to discover and great sights to see. Here you can stroll around at your leisure for a whole weekend and see everything. Culture enthusiasts can indulge in the historic centre, or at the beautiful central station. Antwerp Zoo, the big market and the chocolate museum are also highly recommended to visit.

Do you want to relax during your weekend in Belgium? Rustic Brasschaat has the most beautiful natural areas, where you can enjoy walking. Visit one of the forts or castles and imagine yourself in a completely different world. In Brasschaat, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Antwerp is very close, in just under half an hour you will be in the city centre so you can visit Antwerp anytime!


Unforgettable experiences in Antwerp!

Antwerp: a vibrant city, a lot of excellent spots for foodies, design lovers, affluent shoppers and business travellers. Antwerp, a vibrant city, rich in deeply rooted cultural and historical institutions. Capital of avant-garde fashion and the epicentre of the global diamond trade.

'The Gulden Haze' is our monument in the historic city centre, marked by a rich history, lovingly restored with the utmost care. ‘The Gulden Haze' was built in 1550 by a wine merchant and transformed into Beautiful Suites in 2020 by BTFL Living, all named after Italian wines for the ultimate 'La Dolce Vita' experience in Antwerp.

You don't have to travel far for the ultimate holiday feeling. Get together with friends, family or your loved one and enjoy a well-earned city break.



Brasschaat, a charming mundane municipality in the lee of Antwerp. The village, in an oasis of green, has many culinary options and a diverse shopping scene.
Brasschaat park was recognised as a heritage site in 2009. On the picturesque pond you will find the 19th-century Brasschaat Castle. A stone's throw away you will find 'Pendennis Castle'. BTFL Living welcomes guests here in 'The Ultimate', the most luxurious apartment in this unique project. The apartment is equipped with every possible luxury and has a living area of 200 m² and terraces all around of 75 m².

The atmosphere of the renovated castle and the modern buildings in the park garden form a unique location created by the BTFL Living Team.


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